Gta v pc // zapping n°01 // troll, rage, fail

Raphael Dufour le 29 avril 2015

Gta v pc // zapping n°01 // troll, rage, fail

Clyde, Keinan, Jilooo, Remeus, Fredo, 5 grands noms du jeu vidéo. 5 Grands noms de GTA V. Le crew est la, en mode zapping, pour votre plus grand plaisir.

  • Grand Theft Auto V (PS5)
    STUNNING UALS — Enhanced levels of fidelity and performance with new graphics modes featuring up to 4K resolution, up to 60 frames per second, HDR options, ray tracing, improved texture quality, and more FASTER LOADING — Quicker access to the action as the world of Los Santos and Blaine County load in faster than ever before. ADAPTIVE TRIGGERS AND HAPTIC FEEDBACK — Feel every moment through the DualSense controller, from directional damage to weather effects, rough road surfaces to s, and more. TEMPEST 3D AUDIO — Hear the sounds of the world with pinpoint precision: the throttle of a stolen supercar, the rattle of neighbouring gunfire, the roar of a helicopter overhead, and more. EXCLUSIVE NEW CONTENT — Step into Hao’s Special Works at the Los Santos Car Meet, featuring elite new vehicle upgrades and exclusive modifications. Then take these high-performance vehicles into HSW races, new time trials, and more..THE CAREER BUILDER — Get started in GTA Online with the tools of the trade.
  • Grand Theft Auto V (5) – Premium Edition (NL/FR Box)
    Le pack d’entrée dans le monde criminel le moyen le plus rapide de lancer votre empire criminel dans grand theft auto online lancez votre empire criminel Une flotte de véhicules puissants Armes, vêtements et tatouages

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